3M V.S. KPMF (Battle of the Brands)

In the wrap industry, there is a lot of debate over which vinyl manufacturer is the best. Customers and DIY enthusiasts will undoubtedly agree that choosing a vinyl wrap brand can be difficult. Two of the most popular vinyl wrap brands today, 3M and KPMF, are always brought up because of their excellent quality, diverse selection, and outstanding durability.

Some consumers do not know that different brands have slight or significant differences in quality, finishes, manufacturing process, and installation difficulty. Metro Restyling is here to help you decide what brands you should look for by providing a comparison chart to help you see some similarities and differences between 3M and KPMF.



As one of the leading producers of vinyl wraps, 3M offers a selection of product wraps for car wrapping and is renowned for providing some of the best car wraps available. The well-known company 3M has an excellent reputation for producing vinyl with its cutting-edge, reliable, and premium quality. The 3M company offers 1080, 2080, and Di-Noc series.



KPMF is a well-known producer of premium vinyl car wraps. Their products are created in the USA from the best materials and are renowned for their quality and longevity. KPMF capitalizes on its color selection.

Each vinyl from KPMF is crafted with advanced pigment technology to create stunning colors and finishes. Their unique color selection consists of luminescent, dynamic glitter, and iridescent wraps. 


Comparison Chart (3M V.S. KPMF):

Overall comparison graph created by Metro Restyling using data from our customers.

⭐ - Poor

⭐⭐ - Decent

⭐⭐⭐ - Good

⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Great

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Amazing

3M VS KPMF Vinyl Wrap

What Vinyl Brand is Better?

There is no correct answer regarding choosing between these two strong brands. As you can see, the ratings are very close, and both manufacturers only have slight differences. 

The vibrancy, quality, and longevity of KPMF's colors are its most significant advantages over 3M. Customers love KPMF's stunning colors, excellent quality, and superior durability.

Color variety and repositioning are 3M's advantages versus KPMF. Compared to 3M, KPMF is more challenging to reposition during installation, making 3M installation easier. The 3M 1080, 2080, and Di-Noc series give 3M the broadest selection of vinyl and colors available.

Both vinyl wraps are easy to install and remove, are cost-effective, have a strong adhesive, and have excellent conformability. Despite the slight differences, Metro Restyling and our customers would recommend both KPMF and 3M in any vinyl wrap project. Choose KPMF if you want a high-quality, stunning color like iridescent or glitter films. Check out 3M if you're seeking a wide selection of distinctive vinyl wraps in all finishes, colors, and styles.

Cast Premium Films

KPMF & 3M are premium cast films, unlike cheap calendared China brands. In today's market, consumers are being fooled that any film labeled as a wrap film is a wrap film. This is not true unless the manufacturing process starts as a liquid (cast). Calendared films begin as a solid and will always want to shrink and return to their flat shape after forming into curves.

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Battle of the brands




KPMF has the best finishes, colors, and durability. KPMF for me

Zeke Wing / Impact Graphix

Zeke Wing / Impact Graphix

KPMF by far! We love working with KPMF over 3M any day. We traditionally used 3M as our go to but within the last 1-2 years we have seen numerous issues in the new 2080 series from adhesive to finish for 3M and have just stopped using it unless we absoluetly need the color they offer. KPMF black is the best on the market next to black PPF.



KPMF easily has more colors with vibrance and depth than 3m. I’ll take a kpmf gloss black over 3m ANY DAY if my customer wanted a purely murdered out black. BUT, with that said, if my customer didn’t care I would take 3m just for the cheapness and availability whether it be with metrorestyling or local sellers in my area for cheaper. Sometimes it do be hard getting some kpmf colors, like I waited maybe 9 months for blue/black iridescent.



I’ve always described KPMF having a more “stale” feeling off the roll it requires some heat to become flexible. 3M is more flexible off the roll for cold stretching less risk of shattering in a cold environment but have to be more cautious of tack placements for glue lines. Slightly different install methods I tend to lift and squeegee/palm both films but 3M is better for retaining its finish while being stretched. Pro of KPMF is that I am able to control exactly what areas I can direct my stretch to especially while working down to the end of a panel and finishing corners. Experienced less fingering with KPMF compared to finishing 3M. KPMF wins with air release. Have never experienced those tiny trapped air bubbles that you get working out air with 3M. You have to pick it up. I feel a lot more comfortable finishing and sending KPMF out the door especially for longevity I always push clients to their mattes/satin/titanium finish for durability as I’ve noticed their gloss scratches more easily. Have to be careful not to over heat/over stretch during KPMF install those finishes all gloss out/lose their finish with a torch or direct heat gun and cannot be fixed you have to flash it with heat from a distance. No headache trying to find a roll of KPMF always in stock. They definitely have my vote! 👍



KPMF is definitely the winner in my books. Perfect black has the best finish, with little to no orange peel. KPMF at the top!



Kpmf for me cause 3M have often quality issue



KPMF doesn’t hold its weight against 3M. Low score on repositionability is a big deal and cannot concur with the KPMF being a star higher in quality.




Kpmf all day no other brand can compare with the finishes and colors

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