Orafol V.S. Hexis (Battle of the Brands)
The two brands we are comparing are Orafol and Hexis. Customers should know that different companies' quality, finishes, production processes, and installation difficulty can vary marginally or considerably. Metro Restyling is here to help you decide what brands you should look for by providing a comparison chart to help you see some similarities and differences between Orafol and Hexis. Vote in the comments on which you prefer! We love to hear your feedback!


Oracal manufactures high-quality vinyl graphic products, reflective products, and adhesive tape systems for industrial and graphic applications. Orafol 970RA series specializes in high conformability for curved, flat, and complex surfaces, endless color and texture options, long-lasting durability, and more. Over 100 color and finish combinations make Orafol a vinyl brand that's hard to beat.


Hexis provides highly inventive solutions for experts in digital printing, signage, visual communication, car wrapping, and textiles marking. Hexis SKINTAC  HX2000 & HX3000 series comprises a release liner, a multilayered cast PVC sheet, and structured HEX'Press glue. Hexis products are made specifically for full car wraps. By highlighting the range of colors, excellent quality, high-quality finish, and ease of installation of their products, Hexis is dedicated to producing the best assortment of wraps on the market.

Comparison Chart:

Overall comparison graph created by Metro Restyling using data from our customers.

⭐ - Poor

⭐⭐ - Decent

⭐⭐⭐ - Good

⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Great

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Amazing

What Vinyl Brand is Better?
The ratings are very close, but there is no wrong answer when choosing between brands. Some similarities and differences are minor; you can't go wrong with using either vinyl brand.

According to our data, Orafol has slightly better quality, durability, adhesive, and comfortability, while Hexis is more cost-effective. Both brands offer various color options, finishes, and car wrap materials. Ultimately it is up to you to choose the right vinyl brand for your project or business!

Vote in the Comments!

What do you think? Do you prefer Hexis or Orafol, and why? Do you disagree or agree with the comparison and ratings? We would love to see your thoughts!

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Dna Wraps Ga

Dna Wraps Ga

As a true cast film, Orafol is some of the best out there, however color selection hasnt seen an update in years. I wish they would think outside the box and release some new ones.

Also Pre-Covid Orafol was very very good, but after the shortage we recieved a few rolls with a different adhesive than before, super super tack nightmare



Oracal is one of the worst to work with! Too thick and pulls back after sitting for a couple days.



Orafol is the best out of all the wrap brands I work with, customers love the color finish

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