Orafol V.S. Avery Dennison (Battle of the Brands)

The two brands we are comparing are Orafol and Avery Dennison. Some customers should be aware that various brands differ slightly or significantly in terms of quality, finishes, manufacturing process, and installation difficulty. Metro Restyling is here to help you decide what brands you should look for by providing a comparison chart to help you see some similarities and differences between Orafol and Avery Dennison. Make sure to vote in the comments on which you prefer!


Orafol is a manufacturer of high-quality vinyl graphic products, reflective products, and adhesive tape systems for industrial and graphic applications. Orafol specializes in high conformability for curved, flat, and complex surfaces, endless color and texture options, long-lasting durability, and much more. Over 100 color and finish combinations make Orafol a vinyl brand hard to beat.

Avery Dennison:

Avery Dennison is well-known for creating the highest caliber vinyl wraps. Avery Dennison is committed to creating the best wrap film on the market by highlighting their products' high quality and simplicity. Avery Dennison has one of the most distinctive selections of vinyl finishes like color-changing color flow, diamond, metallic, carbon fiber, and chrome.

Comparison Chart:

Overall comparison graph created by Metro Restyling using data from our customers.

⭐ - Poor

⭐⭐ - Decent

⭐⭐⭐ - Good

⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Great

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Amazing

Orafol VS Avery Dennison Vinyl Wrap

What Vinyl Brand is Better?

The ratings are very close, but there is no wrong answer when choosing between brands. Some similarities and differences are minor, and you can go no wrong with using either car wrap.

Orafol has slightly better quality, finish, durability, and color variety than Avery Dennison. Orafol excels at color quality and variety, having over 100 color and finish options. Avery Dennison has a better adhesive, better repositioning, and is easier to install and remove. Avery Dennison is a favorite for installers because it is one of the easiest films to install.

Both vinyl wraps, are cost-effective and have excellent conformability. It often depends on the project when asking what car wrap is better. If you are looking for a wide range of color options and stunning color vibrance and finish, go with Orafol. If you are an installer looking for an easy reliable install for your customer, Avery Dennison is the best choice.

Vote in the Comments!

What do you think? Do you prefer Avery or Orafol, and why? Do you disagree or agree with the comparison and ratings? We would love to see your thoughts!


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Battle of the brands


Dizzi Decalz

Dizzi Decalz

Orafol – although being more challenging to install solo, has a much better finish and durability and due to being a thicker material offers better protection

Their 3951 print film and laminate are great!

Avery is great for solo fast installs but their quality and durability has been declining over the recent years



Avery by far the best

Joe Solis

Joe Solis

Orafol hands down. 3951 proslide and 290g is the sweet spot!! 25 years in the industry and this is my go to !!!



Both have pros and cons, but I will have to go with Orafol. Orafol wraps have some of the best finishes and colors in the game but are harder to install. Plus better longetivity. Avery tends to leave glue lines but it is a easier install. Orafol vinyl for the win!



Orafol for quality, this chart I believe is spot on as well, stopped using Avery altogether due to poor finishes and longevity. Removing Avery also leaves that fine blue hazy adhesive, really sucks to clean off even after one year.

John R

John R

Avery by far



Spot on chart, very accurate. I’ve been in the wrap industry for 10+ years and I would have to vote for Orafol, for its high quality material and colors. Avery is nice too, easy install but I gotta go with what looks the best

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