New Licensed Camo Designs (Veil, Muddy Girl, Pulse)

Three Licensed Camo designs are now available at Metro Restyling. Our Licensed camo patterns are all worn by military personnel, private contractors, and recreationists. Now you can use these camo designs on your vehicle, motorcycle, boat, firearms, and more!

Our licensed camo patterns are available in three designs: Veil, Muddy Girl, and Pulse. Whether you're looking for a subtle pattern for the classic camo style, or more vivid colors for a stand-out look, our licensed camo designs offer something for everyone.

Veil Vinyl Wrap:

The veil camo vinyl wraps design was created and incorporated with camouflage theory, mathematics, animal research, and color theory to create the perfect camouflage pattern. Veil Camo utilizes groundbreaking scientific principles to create unique patterns that blend into varying terrains. Veil patterns have been used for hunting, fishing, and tactical wear. Now you can use Veil patterns on your vehicle.

Veil Tac Black Wrap

Muddy Girl Vinyl Wrap:

Today, camouflage is used to make a substantial lifestyle statement rather than to blend in. Muddy Girl Vinyl Wrap is a striking pink and purple women’s Lifestyle Camo. It was developed to give women a method of expressing themselves and their love for hunting and the outdoors. Muddy Girl Camo utilizes the latest digital printing technology to create a vibrant, high-definition pattern that will make you stand out in a crowd.

Muddy Girl Truck Wrap

Pulse Vinyl Wrap:

Introducing Pulse camo vinyl wraps, are a vibrant, ragged-looking camo style with various colors. Pulse camo patterns have been popular for hunting, fishing, firearms, and apparel. Now you can use Pulse patterns on your vehicle. Your car will have a never seen before camouflage style thanks to Pulse camo vinyl wraps.

Our licensed camo prints offer superior coverage and long-lasting durability while allowing you to express your style and blend into any imaginable environment. Discover more camouflage wrap designs at Metro Restyling.

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