Hexis Golden Squeegee Contest

THE GOLDEN SQUEEGEE CONTEST – Sponsored by Hexis powered by Metro Restyling.

One lucky customer will receive a Golden Squeegee within their shipment and win a 300 dollar voucher to use towards ANY purchase for Hexis products "Can only be redeemed through Metro Restyling." This contest if for domestic US customers only and is valid for Hexis products purchased through Metro Restyling only.

Did you find the Golden Squeegee in your shipment?
1. Scan the QR code on the Squeegee and follow the steps to redeem.
2. Contact Metro Restyling via phone "586-554-2700" or email "" and come forward as the winner.
3. Please send a photo to  holding the winning squeegee "Will only be used for social media purposes with the winners permission"

A winner will be decided at any point in the month of December. Contest is valid thru purchases made December, 1, 2022 - December, 31st, 2022

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