New KPMF Color Release

Are you looking for new vibrant colors for your customers? Metro Restyling is proud to announce KPMF's four new unique colors! With an extensive range of colors, shades, and finishes, these are the perfect collection for your vinyl project. Take a peek at these new colors:

Gloss Vinyl:

Surge Green Vinyl

Gloss Surge Green

The Gloss Surge Green is a premium vinyl made to glow for your project from KPMF. The vibrant colors, glossy finish, and high-quality material create the stunning look that KPMF guarantees customers will enjoy.

Gloss Verde Solaris Vinyl

Gloss Verde Solaris

Solaris means "of the sun," describing the rich vinyl golden colors. This color is perfect for your customer who is looking for that extra shine in the sun. The excellent quality, easy-to-use, and polished style make the Gloss Verde Solaris the perfect addition to KPMF's lineup.

Gloss Ember Orange Vinyl

Gloss Ember Orange

KPMF Gloss Ember Orange vinyl is sure to turn heads with its bold, fiery unique color. Its stunning quality, mixed with the glossy material, is perfect for your next customer's project with KPMF's signature colors.

Matte Vinyl:

Matte Dark Storm Vinyl

Matte Dark Storm

The Matte Dark Storm is an excellent choice for customers looking for a new elegant style. KPMF technology helps create a smooth matte finish that offers long-term durability and stability.

Share your thoughts on the new colors, and visit the KPMF's collection to style your next project!

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