KPMF V.S. Orafol (Battle of The Brands)

Let's delve into KPMF V.S. Orafol. It's important for our customers to understand that different brands can vary in quality, finishes, manufacturing processes, and ease of installation. We have crafted a comprehensive comparison chart to aid in your decision-making, illustrating the key similarities and differences between KPMF and Orafol. Don't forget to share your preference in the comments section! This will be a close, heated battle!


KPMF Overview:

KPMF stands out as a leading manufacturer of high-quality vinyl car wraps in the USA, utilizing top-grade materials. Known for durability and high quality, KPMF prides itself on its extensive color palette.

Each KPMF vinyl is engineered with sophisticated pigment technology, offering a range of striking colors and finishes. The brand's specialty lies in its variety of luminescent, dynamic glitter, and iridescent wraps.


Orafol Overview:

Orafol is a manufacturer of high-quality vinyl graphic products, reflective products, and adhesive tape systems for industrial and graphic applications. Orafol specializes in high conformability for curved, flat, and complex surfaces, endless color and texture options, long-lasting durability, and much more. Over 100 color and finish combinations make Orafol a vinyl brand hard to beat.

Comparative Analysis Chart:

Metro Restyling presents a detailed comparison chart based on customer feedback.

Rating System:

⭐ - Poor

⭐⭐ - Decent

⭐⭐⭐ - Good

⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Great

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Amazing


KPMF VS Orafol


KPMF vs Orafol:

No wonder why Orafol bought KPMF!

While the ratings are closely matched, choosing between KPMF and Orafol is subjective. Each brand has its strengths.

According to our customer data, KPMF scores little bit higher in ease of installation, cost-effective, and repositioning, making the KPMF slightly a easier vinyl to handle with when installing while saving a bit more compared to other major brands.

Orafol scores higher in being easier to remove, and color variety. Orafol has the most colors in their lineup, giving you gloss, matte, glitter, metallic and textured. This is a big plus when needing that exact dream color you've been looking for.

Both brands offer the best quality, finish quality, color vibrance, and durability compared to other brands. The choice ultimately depends on your specific project requirements. Choose Orafol for a broad spectrum of vibrant colors and finishes or KPMF for an installer-friendly, easy-to-manage wrap.


We Want Your Opinion!

What are your thoughts? Do you have a preference between KPMF and Orafol? How do you view our comparison and ratings? We're eager to hear your opinions, so please comment below!


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Battle of the brands

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