Ceramic Tint vs Regular Tint

Window tinting benefits your car in more ways than one. It's a practical improvement. At Metro Restyling, we greatly enjoy providing premium window tint films from leading manufacturers like Solar Gard and Avery Dennison. This comprehensive blog explores the subtle distinctions and commonalities between Ceramic Tint and Regular Non-Reflective (NR) Tint to assist you in selecting the right option for your vehicle. 


Overview of Regular Tint

In the field of window tinting, regular tint, often known as window film, is standard. Its advantages for seclusion and aesthetic improvement are its main selling points. By applying a layer of dyed film between the adhesive layer and a protective top coating, regular tint blocks some of the sun's light, reducing glare and heat transmission to some extent. However, its UV protection and heat rejection capabilities are generally lower than those of more advanced tints.


Ceramic Tint Overview

Ceramic tint, the newest advancement in window tint technology, mixes nano-ceramic particles into the film. This advanced composition provides exceptional heat rejection, UV protection, and glare reduction without compromising visibility. Ceramic tint is more resilient and scratch-resistant than regular tint. It stays strong for drivers looking for the best comfort and vehicle protection over time. 


Let's Compare


Infrared Protection

The capacity of Ceramic Tint and Regular NR Tint to reject infrared (IR) radiation is one of their most notable distinctions. One of the main elements of sunlight contributing to the heat inside a car is infrared radiation. The technique used in regular NR Tints, usually constructed of colored textiles, cannot filter IR wavelengths efficiently. This implies that even if they provide some degree of heat reduction, especially on bright days, your car's interior might still get very heated. 

Conversely, ceramic tints contain nano-ceramic particles engineered to reject a high proportion of infrared radiation. By significantly reducing solar heat, this cutting-edge technology keeps the inside of the car considerably more pleasant and relaxing for the occupants. Ceramic Tint guarantees that your air conditioning system operates more effectively by blocking up to 90% of infrared radiation. This could reduce fuel consumption and enhance your driving experience overall. 


Visual Appeal and Privacy

Ceramic and Regular NR Tints offer a range of shades, allowing for customization based on your preference for visual appeal and privacy. However, Ceramic Tint stands out for its superior optical clarity. This implies that it maintains the clarity of your view from inside the car while offering the privacy and sun glare reduction you want. Ceramic Tint's cutting-edge technology guarantees that the film will hold up over time, maintaining its clarity and lack of distortion. 

Regular NR Tint, while providing a similar range of shades for privacy, can sometimes reduce visibility from the inside due to its dye-based composition. The dye in Regular NR Tint may fade with time if exposed to sunshine, impacting the tint's look and efficacy. 


Lifespan and Durability

When considering window tinting for their vehicles, owners must consider durability and longevity. Ceramic Tint is well known for its enduring durability because of its sturdy design and cutting-edge ingredients. The film's structural integrity, which comes from the ceramic particles, gives it exceptional resistance to fading, peeling, and scratching. Because of its durability, Ceramic Tint frequently lasts the entire car life in excellent condition without needing to be replaced often. 

In contrast, Regular NR Tint may not offer the same level of durability. Over time, especially when exposed to continuous sunshine, the dyed films may fade and lose some of their potency. As a result, car owners can discover that to preserve the appropriate degree of functionality and visual attractiveness, Regular NR Tint needs to be replaced more frequently. 


Why Consider Regular Tint

Suppose you want to make a significant investment-free improvement to the look and privacy of your car. In that case, regular NR tint is a great option. It is a good choice for anyone on a limited budget or who values appearance over functionality because it offers minimal UV protection and heat reduction. 


Why Consider Ceramic Tint

Ceramic tint is intended for the picky driver who expects the best possible performance from their car. Ceramic tint offers superior heat rejection, UV protection, and glare reduction, making the ride more comfortable and relaxed while shielding the inside from fading. For anyone looking for the most incredible comfort and safety for their car, its robustness and enduring clarity make it an investment worth making. 


Comparing Metro Restyling Products


Avery Dennison Automotive Window Tint Film NR Pro Series

The NR Pro Series by Avery Dennison is a premium choice for drivers seeking a blend of aesthetics and performance. Its warm graphite appearance, broad range of light transmission levels, and premium heat rejection capabilities make it a stylish and functional upgrade. The film's nanotechnology ensures durability and long-lasting color without signal interference, offering a relaxed and comfortable ride.

Avery Dennison Automotive Window Tint Film NR Pro Series


Avery Dennison Automotive Window Tint Film NR Nano Ceramic IR Series

With its advanced nano-ceramic technology, the NR Nano Ceramic IR Series takes window tinting to the next level. This film reduces the sun's heat and offers exceptional IR rejection, ensuring maximum comfort. Its high optical clarity and deep graphite color enhance vehicle appearance, while its metal-free composition guarantees zero signal interference. Easy installation and clean removal add to its professional appeal.

Avery Dennison Automotive Window Tint Film NR Nano Ceramic IR Series


Use Metro Restyling for all Your Window Tint Needs!

Choosing Ceramic Tint and Regular NR Tint depends on your needs, preferences, and budget. Metro Restyling offers top-notch options in both categories, ensuring that whether you opt for the aesthetic and cost-effective benefits of Regular NR Tint or the superior performance and durability of Ceramic Tint, your vehicle will enjoy an upgrade that enhances its look and functionality. Visit Metro Restyling to explore our Avery Dennison and Solar Gard films selection and find the perfect tint for your vehicle.

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