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Camouflage patterns have captured the attention of enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty of these designs for their own automobiles, ATVs, trucks, boats, and other off-road equipment ever since they were initially utilized in the military. These patterns suggest a rigorous lifestyle, a connection to nature, and a distinctive look. Installing camo vinyl wraps has become increasingly popular as consumers look to give their cars this unique look and feel. Metro Restyling provides a large assortment of camouflage vinyl wraps to suit various tastes and uses for anyone wishing to adopt this appearance. See what Metro Restyling has in store for camouflage fans by clicking the links below.

The History and Evolution of Camouflage

Originally used as a military hiding strategy, camouflage has become a status symbol for fashion and individuality. From its inception during World War I to the digital patterns seen on modern battlefields, camo has a rich history. Each way, whether the dense greens of Woodland or the sparse tans of Desert camo, tells a story of design, environment, and purpose.

Classic Army Dark Green Camo Wrap

Why Camo Car Wraps?

Camo wraps have taken the automotive world by storm. They're not just about hiding; they're about standing out. With more enthusiasts submitting their camo-wrapped beauties to Metro Restyling, it's clear: camo is the trend that refuses to fade into the background.

Classic Camouflage

The classics never die. Woodland and desert camo, with their iconic patterns, have been the go-to for military uniforms. Now, Metro Restyling brings Classic Camouflage patterns them to your vehicle, offering a salute to history beyond the battlefield basics in a spectrum of colors.


Classic woodland camo Truck Wrap


Digital Camouflage

Born in the digital age, this camo pattern is about breaking the mold with its pixelated design. Digital camouflage isn't only for troops these days; adventurers are using it to make solid and digital statements on their ATVs, motorcycles, and off-road vehicles.

Digital Camo Honda Civic Wrap

Kryptek Camouflage

For the outdoor and tactical enthusiast, Kryptek is more than camouflage—a badge of pride. Kryptek wraps provide an unparalleled combination of style and performance, drawing inspiration from the intense heat of combat and the thrill of the chase.

Kryptek Infrared & Kryptek Obskura Loki Camo Wrap

Veil Camouflage

Veil, which combines natural patterns with scientific principles, elevates the art of hiding to new heights. It's not only about concealing but skillfully and successfully blending in with the surroundings. Use Veil camo on your vehicle, ATV, boat to use a truly unique and perfect camouflage pattern.


A-TACS Camouflage

With sophisticated algorithms and organic pixels, A-TACS is the camouflage of the future. This design, intended for tactical experts and special forces, provides unmatched concealment in various settings. It's a tactical advantage, not merely a wrap.

A-TACS Toyota Tacoma Camo Wrap

Substrate Camouflage

Substrate Camo is about studying and perfecting camouflage to its core. Whether you're blending into the wilderness or standing out in the city, Substrate offers patterns that meet every need, desire, and operational requirement. With over 40+ camo patterns and color variations, there is sure to be a option for any camo fan.

Substrate ATV Camo Wrap

RELV Camouflage

RELV Camo redefines urban and field camouflage with its unique aesthetic and practical concealment solutions. It's a fashion statement that conveys your readiness for any situation, whether in a natural setting or a concrete jungle.

RELV Medusa Tesla Camo Wrap

Sirphis Camouflage

Modern and distinctly striking, Sirphis designs infuse your car with the allure of the natural world. It's more than a wrap; it pays homage to the outdoors and is engineered to give your automobile the same vibrancy and dynamic qualities as the natural world.

Muddy Girl Camouflage

Muddy Girl is a movement as much as a pattern. It celebrates femininity and the outdoors with its vivid pink and purple hues. Put some Muddy Girl camo on your automobile to create a statement that is audacious, stunning, and utterly unique to you.

Toadaflage Camouflage

Inspired by the adaptive genius of toads, Toadaflage is a testament to the power of nature's camouflage. It's a pattern as versatile as the environments toads inhabit, ready to make your vehicle blend in or stand out wherever you are.

Toadaflage Black Countertop Camo Wrap

Discover Alwan Wraps: Your Destination for Custom Camo Wraps

At Alwan Wraps, we specialize in custom camouflage wraps for a wide range of projects. Whether you're looking to give your vehicle, van, truck, or any other equipment a rugged and distinctive look, our camo wraps are the perfect solution. Camouflage patterns have long fascinated enthusiasts who appreciate their unique aesthetic and practical benefits. Initially used in military applications, camo designs have evolved into a symbol of a robust lifestyle, a deep connection to nature, and an unmistakable style statement.

The Metro Restyling Camo Collection

Metro Restyling is your premier destination for the best camo car wraps. We have everything you need to turn your car into a masterpiece of flair and concealment, including a wide range of licensed patterns and original Metro Wrap designs.

Metro Restyling has an unrivaled selection in diversity, quality, and style, ranging from the historically significant patterns of traditional camo to the cutting-edge designs of Kryptek and Veil. We have the perfect camo wrap to meet your needs.

Check out GunWraps

Just as Metro Restyling covers a broad spectrum of vehicles with its high-quality vinyl wraps, GunWraps specializes in bringing a similar aesthetic to firearms. Whether you're looking to customize an AR-15, AK-47, handgun, rifle, shotgun, tactical gear, or simply add accent wraps, GunWraps has you covered. Check out GunWraps for an extensive selection that caters to all your camouflage needs, ensuring your gun skin matches the adventurous spirit of your camo-wrapped vehicles.

Also be sure to submit any of your vinyl wrap project wrapped in our camo vinyl by clicking this link. By submitting your photos you can be posted on our social media, blog and/or website!

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