Green Subaru Wraps

Subaru's emergence in the automotive market is remarkable, particularly for their reliable and durable vehicles. Yet, when it comes to color options, Subaru's range can feel somewhat restrictive. This limitation doesn't quite satisfy owners who yearn for a more personalized touch. As a result, there's a growing trend in custom car wraps for Subarus, especially in unique colors not typically offered by the manufacturer, like green.

Why Choose Green for Your Subaru?

The lack of brighter and more unique green shades in Subaru's standard color options has made it an increasingly popular choice for those wanting to make a statement. Green isn't just a color; it's a symbol of individuality and connection with nature. It's distinctive, expressive, and personal. Many of those who own a Subaru, go to Metro Restyling for a new make their vehicle unique.

Metro Restyling offers many different shades of green subaru wraps. Matte Military green, glossy bright green, lighter green, minty green/blue name it, we have it.

Benefits of Wrapping Your Subaru

Choosing to vinyl wrap your Subaru in green brings several benefits:

  • Protection: The wrap shields the original paint from scratches and environmental factors.
  • Customization: Wraps offer a level of personalization that goes beyond what's available from the factory.
  • Resale Value: Keeping the original paint intact can help maintain or even increase the car's resale value.

Metro Restyling Only Sells the Best Premium Vinyl

For Subaru owners seeking to wrap their vehicles, Metro Restyling stands out as a leading option. Renowned for their high-quality, resilient, and varied selection of vinyl wraps, Metro Restyling provides several shades of green to match different tastes and preferences. Take a look below for some creative ideas and decide how to customize your Subaru with a wrap!

Have you wrapped your Subaru in Green vinyl and want to be featured on our website, social media and this showcase? Click the link to submit your photos!


Top Green Vinyl Wrap Choice


Avery Dennison Gloss Radioactive Green Vinyl Wrap


3M 2080 Matte Military Green Vinyl Wrap


KPMF K75400 Gloss Envious Green Vinyl Wrap | K75407


Orafol 970RA Gloss Pearl Symphony Vinyl Wrap | 970RA-315


Vinyl wrap showcase

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