Metro Wrap Pasted Camo Vinyl Film

Our pasted vinyl patterns are unique camouflage patterns created by splattering two or three different colored paints on top of one another to produce a new design that combines camouflage with paint splatter. Now you can use pasted camo car wrap on your vehicle today. Our pasted camo vinyl wraps, such as yellow tiger, vampire red, blue tiger camo wraps, and more, give your car a uniquely vibrant style. Metro Wrap offers a broad range of stunning, one-of-a-kind designs on vinyl that are ready for printing. The options are undoubtedly limitless with over 70 distinct color palettes and patterns available. Superior performance, outstanding dependability, and an unmatched range of possibilities are all features of our vinyl. Utilize Metro Wrap vinyl quality, finishes, and textures to set your car apart from the crowd.

Pasted camo vinyl wrap comes with the choice of satin, gloss, or matte finishes. Metro specializes in providing you with the best, highest-quality pasted camo wrap available. When determining which wrap film to select, Metro Wrap is a great option because of the unique vinyl selection. Make heads turn when using our huge collection of pasted camo car wrap on your vehicle today. Order $99 or more of Metro Wrap film and receive free shipping! Come and see why Metro Restyling is the leading company in all things vinyl and car wrapping.

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