New Hexis Gloss Galactic Iridescent (Limited Edition)
Transform your ride into something out of this world with the Hexis limited edition Galactic Iridescent vinyl. Created with a multicolor effect with a glossy finish that changes appearance based on the direction and angle of the light.

But, the catch is that there are only 16 rolls available worldwide, and Metro Restyling has 4 of them, produced with the brightest pigments to ever be used by Hexis.

By exploring our collection, you can learn about Hexis's Superior Quality and Performance. Make sure you get your roll of Galactic before it's gone forever.


One lucky customer will receive a Golden Squeegee within their shipment and win a 300-dollar voucher for ANY purchase for Hexis products "Can only be redeemed through Metro Restyling. Click here to learn more.
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Joe Esmeyer

Joe Esmeyer

I need this on my Stang 😍

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