Car Window Tints

If you want your windows tinted but are still deciding which window tint product to use, this guide is meant for you! Metro Restyling offers many car window tints with different types, benefits, and brands.

Car Window Film Types

Dyed, carbon polymer, ceramic, and colored metallic films are the four basic categories of window tinting. Metro's guide will thoroughly review each option's advantages and disadvantages so you can choose wisely.

The most common window tint is dyed since it is reasonably priced. They are created by coating the film with a dye to give it color. The drawback of dyed window tints is that they may eventually fade when exposed to the sun's heat and harmful UV rays. Dye tints are undoubtedly the best option if you're on a tight budget and prefer price to utility.

Metallic window tint films incorporate metal particles into the film, giving it a reflecting appearance. Although this tint is quite effective at blocking heat and UV rays, it can obstruct technological signals like GPS and cell phone reception.

Although ceramic window tint films are expensive, they offer the most protection from heat and UV rays. They are also non-conductive so that they won't interfere with electronic impulses. The only negative of ceramic window tints is that they are not as dark as other variants.

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Carbon polymer is what grants carbon window tint coatings their exceptionally extended lifespan. They offer excellent UV protection and don't age as colored films can. Non-conductive carbon window tints also shield electronic communications from interference. Carbon window tints are pricey and may create glare and haze, their main drawback.

Ceramic or carbon window tints are your best option if you want the best UV and heat protection. Metallic or dyed window tints are an excellent alternative if you seek a less expensive solution that provides good protection. Remember that every window tint will reduce the light entering your automobile, so pick a comfortable level.

Overall Benefits of Window Tinting

-Up to 99% of UV rays are reduced

-Up to 60% less heat in the vehicle

- Improvements in security and privacy

-Preventing the interior of your car from fading

-Less glare means safer motoring

-Less eye fatigue

-Gave your car more individuality and style.

Car window tinting is a great way to make your car stand out. Whether you choose a subtle or bold tint, it will turn heads. Car window tinting is also an excellent way to keep your interior cool in the heat.


Avery Automotive Window Tint Film NR Series:

The NR automotive window tint films from Avery Dennison are exclusively made to protect car interiors from the sun's harmful rays. Four VLT levels of NR automotive polyester-based window film are in a warm metal-free graphite tone. Designed with outstanding dot matrix fitting and the best shrink capabilities, it is simple to install and looks professional.

Avery Automotive Window Tint Film NR Nano Ceramic IR Series

Advanced Nano Ceramic components for excellent heat rejection and long-lasting color stability are used in Avery Dennison window tint to produce an exceptional performance. Seven VLT levels are available for the NR Nano Ceramic IR vehicle window films with a deep graphite tone. High optical clarity and a rich graphite shade elevate the car's appearance to a high degree.


Car Window Tint Levels





You can choose the window tint film that is best for you now that you are fully knowledgeable about the many types and layers of film available. Every window tint will reduce the light entering your automobile, so pick a comfortable level.

Window Tint Percentages

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We advise contacting a professional or contact us, if you still need clarification about the type of window tint appropriate for your vehicle and our options. A great way to give your vehicle a more fashionable makeover and provide UV and heat protection is car window tinting. Get your window tint films at Metro Restyling!

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