35% Window Tint Percentage
Explore the realm of car window tinting with Metro Restyling. Discover the benefits of 35% window tint, balancing privacy, style, and visibility in your vehicle.

Why Choose 35% Window Tint

35% Window Tint is not too dark, yet provides a satisfactory shield from glaring lights, it takes pride in offering a moderate shade that balances clarity and concealment. Why does it manage to capture hearts? The reasons unfold as:

  • Visibility: Ensures ample light entry to provide clear visibility, especially during nighttime drives.
  • Privacy: Offers a reasonable level of privacy without completely closing off the outside world.
  • Heat Reduction: Substantially blocks heat, ensuring a cooler environment inside the vehicle.
  • UV Protection: Protects from harmful ultraviolet rays, safeguarding your skin and the car’s interior.

Experience it firsthand with Solar Gard Smoke Window Tint Sheet, a perfect blend of privacy and protection.

35% Compared to 5%, 20%, and 50%

When comparing 35% with other tint percentages such as 5%, 20%, and 50%, we can see a range of different looks.
  • 5% Tint: Often termed 'limo tint', it’s notably dark, endorsing utmost privacy but compromising visibility, especially in low light conditions.
  • 20% Tint: Offers a darker hue than 35%, giving a higher level of privacy and a sleeker aesthetic, albeit with reduced visibility.
  • 50% Tint: With this, you get the lightest shade among the bunch, allowing maximal light and ensuring almost unhindered visibility.

 Window Tint Percentages

This detailed blog of window tint percentages takes you deeper into different tints' comparative visuals and functionalities.


Advantages and Disadvantages

Every window tint carries its own bag of pros and cons, and 35% is no exception.


  • Balanced Light Entry: Neither too dark nor too light, ensuring proper visibility.
  • Reduced Glare: Offers comfort to the eyes by considerably reducing sunlight glare.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: A moderate tint that amplifies your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal.


  • Privacy Compromise: This may not offer as much privacy as darker tints.
  • Heat Protection: Though it provides some level of heat reduction, it might not be as effective as darker tints.

Your choice should intricately weave through your needs, whether it's prioritizing visibility or valuing utmost privacy.

Is it Legal?

Legalities regarding window tinting dance across varied shades in different states. While some regions may be lenient towards darker tints, others may restrict anything below 50%. It’s paramount to check local laws before settling on your desired tint percentage to avert any unnecessary legal hurdles.

How Long Does it Take to Install

Typically, window tint installation can take anywhere between 1.5 to 4 hours, depending on the vehicle size and the installer's expertise. When done by professionals, you've ensured a expert and quicker installation with a smooth, lasting finish.

What Does 35% Tint Look Like From Inside & Outside?

  • Inside View: Adequate light penetrates through a 35% tint, providing ample visibility, even in dimly lit conditions.
  • Outside View: It renders a smooth, glossy finish to your windows, ensuring decent privacy while not being entirely opaque.

Check out our Avery Dennison Automotive Window Tint Film NR Series. This window film will make your car look stylish both inside and out.

How Much Does it Cost to Install

Installation can cost between $100 to $400, pivoting around factors like vehicle type, window size, and tint quality. Opting for top-tier tints like Avery Automotive Window Tint Film NR Nano Ceramic IR Series might be pricier, yet a worthy investment considering the durability and superior UV protection.

How to remove window tint film
Click the link to learn How to Remove Window Tint Film

Is it Worth It?

Absolutely! The middle-ground darkness that 35% tint offers makes it versatile, catering to a broad spectrum of needs from privacy to aesthetics. It's a substantial investment towards enhancing your driving experience, wrapping it in a cocoon of comfort, style, and moderate seclusion.

Use Quality Premium Brands

Investing in quality brands like Solar Gard and Avery Dennison for your window tints is akin to laying solid foundations for a house. With their promise of durability, aesthetic superiority, and optimal functionality, your vehicle is sure to be cloaked in excellence.

35 Window Tint Percentage
Explore many options with Metro Restyling’s extensive car window tint film collection, ensuring your ride is both a feast for the eyes and a sanctuary of comfort.

Use Metro Restyling for All Your Window Tint Needs!

Selecting the perfect window tint for your vehicle adds a personal touch. With 35% window tint, you can customize your car to reflect both your style and practical needs, turning it into more than just a means of transportation.

With an arsenal of premium brands and top-quality tints, Metro Restyling ensures your journey toward choosing and installing the perfect tint is seamless and satisfying. We believe in mixing style with substance, ensuring every ride is safe, comfortable, and stylish.
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