OLFA 4mm Precision Cut Designer Art Blade Knife | AK-5



OLFA Precision Cut Knife

This OLFA Precision Knife has multiple uses. It comes with 30 small 30° blades for cutting material. This great knife also comes with an air release/ weeding needle - great for vinyl and paint protection. The other end of the knife is flat and can be used for tucking material in tight spots. The knife has a holder and compartments to store the blades and needle all in one (see picture).

- Open the 1st lid for new blades, a needle, and the used blade slit.
- Open the 2nd lid to dispose of used blades in bulk

Good For: cutting paper, vinyl, film & more.

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All vinyl products purchased are custom manufactured to a specific order and are not returnable or exchangeable. Please take special care to order carefully and completely. We always recommend purchasing samples before making a larger purchase; samples are available here at MetroRestyling.com.