MFinity Ceramic Coating for PPF & Vinyl Wrap - 30ml/50ml Bottle



MFinity Ceramic Wrap Coating PPF & Vinyl Wrap

Mfinity's Vinyl Wrap Ceramic Coating is great for those looking to add an incredible amount of slickness and durability to their vehicle's wrapped or paint-protected surface. It is a 7H coating that will protect your vehicle's finish for 2 years.
MFinity provides an enhancing effect to vinyl and PPF unlike other coatings available on the market today and will not change the finish. It is a hybrid formula that works well as a topcoat or a stand-alone coating. With a contact degree of 115 degrees, you will be amazed at its self-cleaning effect.
  • Superhydrophobic
  • Reduces orange peel
  • UV barrier
  • Enhances color & finish
  • Extends the lifespan of the film
  • Less maintenance
View our tutorial on how to apply ceramic coating to your vehicle.

Suggested Application:
Paint Protection Film & Vinyl Wrap Surfaces.

Mfinity and MetroRestyling make no expressed or implied warranty & accept no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages as neither, Mfinity nor MetroRestyling, have control over how this product is handled once sold.

Safety Instructions:
1. Keep out of reach of children
2. Store at a cool dry place (<75 degrees Fereheight)
3. Don't Mix with other products

Includes: One 30ml OR 50ml bottle

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