Martor Belt Holster S with Clip - #9920



Martor Belt Holster S with Clip

Personal blade disposal box for safe disposal and storage of used snap-off blades (6,9, and 18mm width) when Blade Box is unavailable or inaccessible.

What do you do with your cutting tools when you are not actually using them? The MARTOR BELT HOLSTER S is a robust holder that allows you to carry all compact MARTOR knives as well as our safety scissors at all times. In addition, the compartments are designed to allow you to load different tools: for example, you can also carry a pen or a pack of blades. The MARTOR BELT HOLSTER is the ideal place to stow your tools safely when moving from A to B - and have them at hand, as soon as they are required.

NO. 9920


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