Hexis BodyFence with X Technology Self Healing Paint Protection Film



Hexis BodyFenceX Paint Protection

X Technology is here!
What is X technology?
  • Self-healing (with ambient temperature – no external heat source required)
  • Increased resistance to hydrocarbon
  • Increased hydrophobic effect
  • Ultra-gloss finish
  • Optically clearer film

You will notice a higher gloss finish, better & true self-healing (with no external heat needed), better clarity (little to no orange peel), and easier install as the film is much more stretchable. No need to worry about scratches during shipping/transport or application as the film heals itself. No more wasting time heating out the scratches before and after install. Time is money!

  • Tested in an office environment at 72 degrees F: self-heals within 1 minute.
  • Tested outdoors in 85-degree weather: instant self-healing

BODYFENCE has been developed by HEXIS R&D based on cutting-edge technology and will protect your vehicle against external aggressions.
  • Outdoor pollution
  • Scratches
  • Stone chips
  • Abrasion
  • Oxidation and acid rain
  • UV rays
  • Stains
In addition, our films provide a hydrophobic effect which will keep your vehicle looking... Forever Young!

View the product bulletins and data sheets prior to installation by clicking here.

All vinyl products purchased are custom manufactured to a specific order and are not returnable or exchangeable. Please take special care to order carefully and completely. We always recommend purchasing samples before making a larger purchase; samples are available here at MetroRestyling.com.