Banana Wrapz / Monkey Strips - Banana Buffers for wet vinyl / PPF applications

Monkey Strips


Banana Buffers

  • Banana Buffers are pre-cut felt buffers that are ideal for wet graphics installations, PPF, chrome, windows, and tint.
  • These durable buffers have a low friction surface that allows the squeegee to glide across the film and reduce common scratches.
  • Made to fit standard 4in squeegees. 1 1/8” x 4” Long
  • Can be easily replaced with a clean new buffer at any time.
  • Can be purchased individually or in a pack of 10


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All vinyl products purchased are custom manufactured to a specific order and are not returnable or exchangeable. Please take special care to order carefully and completely. We always recommend purchasing samples before making a larger purchase; samples are available here at