Avery Dennison Supreme Defense Gloss Paint Protection Film



Avery Dennison

Supreme Defense™ Paint Protection Film

Avery Dennison® Supreme Defense™ paint protection film is the latest advancement in paint protection technology. Supreme Defense preserves OEM paint finishes against extreme conditions and is invisible to the human eye after installation. The enhanced high-performance polyurethane and adhesive technology isn't vulnerable to staining and self heals at room temperature or when heated.

Supreme Defense Gloss
  • Up to 10 year durability
  • ultra gloss finish
  • Hydrophobic top coat repels dirt and water for easy cleaning and low maintenance
  • 3D conformable
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Optical clarity provides invisible protection


Avery Dennison Supreme Defense paint protection film improves and safeguards vehicle aesthetics, while helping to retain resale value. A high-quality polyurethane film helps to prevent damage from a range of challenges such as stone chips, road debris, insect stains, and weathering - all without degrading the original paint finish, thanks to self-healing top-coat. The film is easy to apply, and ultra-clear to ensure excellent aesthetics.

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