Avery Dennison Clear 7 mil X Exterior Safety Window Film



Avery Dennison
Safety Window Film
Clear 7 Mil X

With more than three decades of experience in creating and producing multi-laminate safety and security window films, Avery Dennison Clear 7 mil X Exterior Safety Window Film is able to safeguard people and property from the external side of the window, ensuring the glass shards do not injure passing pedestrians. Avery safety film is ideal for building codes and insurance policies that satisfy specific safety requirements, such as impact-resistant glass in schools, break-in prevention, or blast protection for offices, dispensaries, banks, and other commercial establishments. Avery's extra security window film also provides 99% UV block to reduce fading and sun damage.

Avery's exterior window film utilizes unique technologies to provide you with the best film possible. The best UV protection and cooling technology are used in the engineering of Avery Dennison Clear 7 mil X Exterior Safety Window Films, giving their window films superior solar protection, low reflectance, and exceptional clarity. Avery's Clear 7 Mil X comes in a wide range of sizes to protect anyone outside of your establishment.

Features and Benefits:
  • Increased defense against glass that has been damaged by an explosion, an impact, a crime, or a natural disaster.
  • Excellent optical clarity for vision without compromise.
  • UV protection of up to 99% helps prevent fading and sun damage.

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