Tri-Edge Plus Squeegee



Tri-Edge Plus Squeegee

The Tri-Edge Plus's Vinyl Squeegee design just got better. The Tri-Edge Plus has the same design as the Tri-Edge Orange, but it comes with more functions to fulfill all of your demands. Both sides have finger grips, and the rubber squeegee edge has been improved! It has a firm edge and may be used as a water squeegee due to the rubberized heat-resistant material. This car wrap squeegee has a rubberized blade intended to leave a dry line on the bottom of the film's glass. Designed to keep dusty water from re-entering any open bubble. This Tri-Edge is a must-have for all film application/installation jobs!

Many industry professionals utilize these squeegees to prepare surfaces and corners in the most difficult settings, and they are a must-have for installers and regular users of 3M, Avery, Hexis, KPMF, Orafol, Metro Wrap, and FlexiShield vinyl wrap products.

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