The PROMAT is a dense foam, anti-fatigue mat created for all areas of the wrap shop from retail showrooms to the install bay.  This decorative mat quickly allows for branding and a completed look to any showroom while providing relief for those who stand for long periods of time throughout any day. In the shop, PROMAT helps those standing, kneeling, and lying down on floors while working and can even dress up a workbench for picture-perfect detail install. Align a PROMAT with any vehicle during install photos, and provide a clean, custom look to any shop floor!

(The PROMAT works by improving circulation around the body, which is done by creating constant micro-movements in the leg muscles. The soft surface of the mat is not only comfortable, easing pressure on your knees and back, but also creates a small amount of instability which encourages your leg muscles to activate. This allows you to evenly distribute the pressure caused by standing up across both legs so that one is not trying to support more weight than the other, which will give you a better posture and means that you won’t be putting increased stress on any of your joints.)

All vinyl products purchased are custom manufactured to a specific order and are not returnable or exchangeable. Please take special care to order carefully and completely. We always recommend purchasing samples before making a larger purchase; samples are available here at

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