Wagner 915E Pressure On Demand Steamer




The Wagner 915e Power Steamer is a multipurpose, chemical-free steam cleaner. With this power steamer, you get 40 continuous minutes of use. This steamer has an 8-foot hose which can be used to clean around nuisance areas such as moldings and hard-to-reach areas on your car that a towel or tool cant get to. 212°F chemical-free steam cleans surfaces, loosens, and dissolves grease, dirt, and grime. The On-Demand Steamer holds 40 oz of water and will heat up in under 9 minutes allowing you to maintain productivity and get the job done. 
Ideal Uses: Paint Protection Film Installation, Vinyl wrap installation, chrome wrap installation, window film removal, vinyl graphics removal, car detailing, clean floors, cleaning wheels
Accessories included: a variety of 18 nozzles and accessories and a built-in storage compartment for nozzles. 
915e steam cleaner


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