Boat Wrap Ideas: Benefits of Using Vinyl Wraps for Your Boat

Posted by Ryan Yankee

Whether you have a boat for relaxation, sport, or for business, you want your boat to look good in the water. Many boat owners are choosing vinyl wrapping over paint because of its creative freedom, easy application, low cost, durability, and ease of maintenance. The following are the top benefits of using high quality vinyl wraps for your boat's appearance.


Kryptek Boat Wrap


Creative Freedom

Vinyl wrapping makes customization easy. Vinyl Wraps come in all sorts of finishes and color options. You can select from a wide variety of patterns and designs as a result, allowing you to find your own personal style. Searching through our collection of vinyl wraps will offer you some of the best boat wrap ideas.

There are countless possibilities to customize your boat, including complete or partial color changes, graphics, and decals. You can control any and every part of your boat's appearance.

Easy Application

In most cases, boat wraps may take 2-3 days. It will take longer depending on the skill of the wrap installer, the complexity of the design, and the size of the boat. The biggest advantage to vinyl wrap is that it is not permanent like paint, you may remove it whenever you would like. Even though it requires dedication and the right application at first, removing vinyl wrap from a boat is definitely possible.


KPMF Blue Boat Wrap


Boat Wrap Cost

Boat wraps are also very affordable, and cost-effective. Boat wraps are about a third of what painting typically costs. The price will depend on the complexity of the job and the size of the boat. You can change the look of your boat while paying less AND not having it be permanent.


Boat wraps can last you up to 5-7 years. Additionally, the vinyl coating helps save your factory finish. A transparent coating on a boat wrap shields your gel coat from damaging UV rays, stopping oxidation and fading. It also protects it from minor scratches.

The exterior of your boat will continue to look exactly the same once the vinyl cover is removed, preserving its market value. The durability of your boat wrap can also be influenced by the quality of the materials and installation, so it's critical to choose a reputable company with trained, professional wraps.

Ease of Maintenance

Painted boats are harder to maintain and can take years of yearly maintenance, they need polishing, buffing, and expert care. To keep your boat vinyl wrap looking clean, all you have to do to maintain it is to use soap and water. Make sure to not use hot water or use a high-pressure washer to not damage the wrap.

Halftone Splatter Metro Vinyl Wrap


Just like vehicles, our vinyl wrap can fully customize your boat with any style of your choosing. To top it all off, using vinyl wraps on boats is also environmentally safer than paint since no chemicals and solvents are needed for the application. Surf the waves today with your fully customized boat wrap from Metro Restyling! Check out our gallery of boat wraps to give you some inspiration today!


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