What is Chrome Delete?

A chrome delete car wrap covers the chrome parts of your vehicle in black, either in satin, matte, or gloss finishes. These chrome parts usually include the window trim, grille, or around the headlights. Metro Restyling's chrome delete wraps are available in 2, 3, or 4-inch widths. Order from 3M, Avery Dennison, or KPMF.

Full or partial chrome delete wraps give your car a more aggressive look instead of the somewhat tacky chrome trim look. Chrome delete wraps typically last 5-7 years, with exceptions made to climates and areas that are rough on vinyl film. When applied correctly, chrome delete wraps require very little maintenance.

Benefits of De-Chroming Your Vehicle

Like vinyl wrap, chrome deletes replace the old repainting and plasti-dipping processes, giving your vehicle a cleaner and long-lasting appearance without touching the original trim or paint.

It is a cheaper alternative and a better solution for many people. Plus, unlike paint, you don't have to keep the wrap on the vehicle after being installed. Remove the wrap whenever you like with its durable and repositionable adhesive.

How Much Does a Chrome Delete Cost?

It doesn't matter whether you choose 3M, Avery Dennison, or KPMF films for your chrome delete. All finishes and brands cost the same. The price only changes based on the width you choose:

  • 2-inch width: $39 for a 75-foot roll
  • 3-inch width: $49 for a 75-foot roll
  • 4-inch width: $54 for a 75-foot roll

Metro Restyling always recommends turning to professionals when beginning to wrap vehicles, even if it is a simple chrome delete job. Luckily, chrome deletes aren't difficult to apply as chrome trims consist of much smaller surfaces than a full-color change wrap.

If you decide to take this task on yourself, you should have no problem completing it with ease. However, if you want to work with a professional, visit www.wraplocal.com to find professional installers near you.

Get Started Today

Paired with a full-color change vinyl wrap, you can give your ride the complete badass appearance and package it needs to stand out from the rest. Get started with your chrome delete wrap today by visiting www.metrorestyling.com!
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