Top Orafol Car Wraps

Orafol vinyl is one of the best vinyl brands out there! Orafol's innovative technology provides a paint-like finish that looks and feels like professional automotive paint, but can be easily applied to any car or light truck.

Orafols material is easy to use, durable, and resistant to fading and peeling, making it an ideal choice for those who want a stunning new color for their vehicle. Orafol's color range is what sets them apart from the rest. Orafol 970RA has over 100+ color and finish options to choose from. 

The range of colors and finishes available in Orafol's car wrap products allows for greater creativity when customizing cars for personal use or business promotion. The high performance films can be applied onto any type of vehicle including trucks, cars, boats, vans or any other vehicle surface you wish to add this stylish personal touch too.

Take a look at some of the best Orafol car wraps over the years:


Orafol Gloss Pearl Symphony Vinyl Wrap

Wrapped by @precisionwrapsandgraphics



Orafol 970RA Gloss Graphite Metallic Vinyl Wrap

Wrapped by @freedom_designhd



Orafol 970RA Gloss Anthracite Metallic Vinyl Wrap with Orafol 970RA Gloss Daggi Orange Accents

Wrapped by @thevehiclewrappingcentre



Orafol 970RA Gloss Green Blue Vinyl Wrap

Wrapped by @wrap_specialties



Orafol 970RA Gloss Mint Vinyl Wrap

Wrapped by VIP Auto Salon



Orafol 970RA Matte Pyrite Metallic Vinyl Wrap

Wrapped by @fineart.folientechniik



Orafol 970RA Gloss Mint Vinyl Wrap & Orafol 970RA Gloss Telemagenta Vinyl Wrap

Wrapped by FX Window Tinting @FXSHOPS



Orafol 970RA Gloss Traffic Yellow Vinyl Wrap

Owner: Justin Zwecker



Orafol 970RA Matte Nato Olive Vinyl Wrap

Wrapped by @wrapcision


Orafol 970RA Gloss Luscious Lips Vinyl Wrap

Wrapped by @wrap_specialties



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Such a nice variety of colors to choose from. They have come along way with their adhesive over the years. A lot easier to install.



I love the Orafol gloss pearl symphony, I used it for my audi and it looks amazing in the sun

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