Crazy Car Wrap Ideas
In the dynamic world of vehicle customization, the craze for personal expression knows no bounds, especially when it comes to car wraps. These custom vinyl wraps are not just a means to protect your vehicle's paintwork; they're a canvas for showcasing individuality, style, and sometimes, a bit of craziness. The evolution of vinyl wraps from mere advertising tools to mediums of personal flair traces back to the desire of car enthusiasts to make their vehicles stand out. This leads us to the forefront of innovation in vinyl wraps: Metro Restyling's Metro Wrap series.

Paint Splatter Vinyl Wrap

Introduction to Metro Wrap

Metro Restyling is taking the car wrap game to new heights with its Metro Wrap series. Boasting over 60+ patterns and a large range of color variations for each, the options extend into thousands of potential designs. From classic camouflage and carbon fiber to more exotic patterns like animal print, there's something for every taste. The versatility of Metro Wrap is further enhanced by its finish options—matte, gloss, or satin—catered to your personal preference. And with quality brands like 3M, Avery Dennison, and Metro Wrap's own line, you're guaranteed top-tier materials for your vehicle.

Sticker Bomb Vinyl Wrap

The sticker bomb style has its roots in graffiti and street art, symbolizing rebellion and creativity. This eclectic design, reminiscent of a collage of stickers, has found its way onto luxury vehicles from BMWs and beyond, appealing to those who wish to make a bold statement.

Jeep Wrapped in Sticker Bomb Vinyl

Animal Print

Once a symbol of wealth and exoticism in fashion, animal prints like zebra, leopard, cheetah, diamondback, and anole scales bring a wild touch to any vehicle. Particularly suited for trucks, these patterns transform your ride into a mobile masterpiece of natural beauty.

Metro Wrap Scale Anole Camouflage Vinyl Film

Circuit Board Pattern

For the tech-savvy and electric vehicle enthusiasts, circuit board patterns offer a visually striking homage to technology. This design is especially popular among Tesla owners, enhancing the electric theme with a visually intricate representation of circuitry.

Metro Wrap Circuit Board Vinyl Film

Up in Smoke

Make a statement on marijuana laws or promote your dispensary with the "up-in-smoke" design. This pattern features a smoky background peppered with marijuana leaves, combining a cool aesthetic with a message or commercial intent.

Metro Wrap Up in Smoke Vinyl Film

Party Popper Vinyl Wrap

Embody the spirit of celebration with the party popper design. This wrap, adorned with confetti-like splatters against a vibrant backdrop, brings a burst of joy to cars, ATVs, and motorcycles alike.

Metro Wrap Party Popper Original Vinyl Film

Paint Splatter

Echoing the spontaneous energy of paint splatter art, this wrap allows you to adorn your vehicle in dynamic splashes of color—without the mess of actual paint. With over 10+ color variations, it's an artful expression of creativity.

Metro Wrap Paint Splatter Vinyl Film

Galaxy Vinyl Wraps

For those who dream of the cosmos, galaxy vinyl wraps bring the universe closer to home. Featuring designs like the Milky Way, Retro Galaxy, and Dark Matter, these wraps transform your vehicle with the ethereal beauty of outer space.

Hex Electric Vinyl Wrap

A Metro Wrap exclusive, the hex electric pattern is a crowd-pleaser for its futuristic vibe and customizable potential. The hexagonal pattern, with its electric effect, can be mixed in colors to create unique, eye-catching designs.

Metro Wrap Hex Electric Vinyl Film

Tie Dye Vinyl Wraps

Capture the spirit of the '60s or simply enjoy a burst of color with tie dye vinyl wraps. Offering 9 color variations, from vibrant hues to darker shades, these wraps cater to a wide range of preferences.

Metro Wrap Tie Dye Vinyl Film

Alwan Wraps

For those seeking the ultimate in customization, Alwan Wraps, our sister company, offers bespoke design services. Whatever your vision—be it wildly imaginative, cool, or uniquely yours—Alwan Wraps brings it to life on your vehicle.

Custom Car Wraps

Embracing Individuality Through Vehicle Wraps

From the rebellious sticker bomb to the eye-catching galaxy patterns, and the custom possibilities with Alwan Wraps, the opportunity to showcase your unique style is endless. We relish seeing these unique designs come to life on the road and encourage you to share your ideas for the next Metro Wrap pattern. Dive into the world of Metro Wrap and let your vehicle make a statement that's as unique as you are.

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