Car Wrap Trends of 2024

In recent years, car wrap ideas have become more inventive and imaginative in the automobile sector. Both corporations and car enthusiasts use these trends to show originality, make bold statements, and preserve their automobiles. Being the top provider of car wraps, Metro Restyling is very satisfied with keeping up with the latest trends and offering our clients the newest and most well-liked solutions. This blog looks at the top car wrap trends 2024, providing market trends and ideas for customizing your automobile.

Matte Vinyl Wraps

Matte car wraps have been the norm for a few years now and are still trendy. An understated new and old beauty can be found in a matte finish. Matte wraps don't reflect light like shiny ones, making the car look sleek and expensive. Matte wraps are the way to go if you want to say something vital without going too far. The colors range from soft grays to bright reds.

When looking for matte wraps, consider Avery Dennison, 3M, Hexis, Orafol, and KPMF. These brands are known for using high-quality materials, being easy to use, and lasting a long time, so your matte wrap will look brand new for years.

Orafol 970RA Matte Aquamarine Vinyl Wrap | 970RA-318M
KPMF K75400 Matte Perfect Black Vinyl Wrap | K75547


A holographic wrap is an excellent choice if you want your vehicle to be noticed. Because they reflect light in a rainbow of colors and change appearance depending on the angle of view, these wraps make quite an impression. The holographic wraps are perfect for car lovers who wish to flaunt their unique taste and love of innovation through their vibrant and futuristic look. Whether a sports car or a daily driver, a holographic wrap will turn heads and spark comments.

CYS Super Gloss Unicorn Chrome Vinyl Wrap | CGC-10

Car Wrap VS Paint
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Iridescent Wraps

Similar to holographic wraps, iridescent car wraps provide a one-of-a-kind visual impact by shifting in hue as the light hits them from different angles. The color shift in iridescent wraps is typically more subtle and delicate, giving them a stunning pearlescent sheen. Whoever wants a lively style but doesn't want the intensity of holographic wraps will love these. Due to the variety of color combinations, iridescent wraps can be customized to fit any vehicle.

KPMF K75400 Gloss Red Black Iridescent Vinyl Wrap | K75408


KPMF K75400 Gloss Green Black Iridescent Vinyl Wrap | K75460

We reccommend KPMF Iridescent films. These vinyl films have a self-adhesive that offer a stunning, eye-catching quality that will give your automobile the ideal style for you and last for years. 

Carbon Fiber Accents

Carbon fiber has long been associated with motorsports and high-performance automobiles. Thus, carbon fiber accents have gained popularity as a car wrapping style. These vinyl wraps give any vehicle a sleek, aggressive appeal by imitating the appearance of actual carbon fiber. The bonnet, roof, mirrors, and interior trim are examples of automobile components frequently highlighted with carbon fiber wraps. In addition to improving the vehicle's aesthetic appeal, this approach offers a robust and portable substitute for conventional paint.

CYS Super Gloss Forged Black Carbon Vinyl Wrap | CCF-101
Metro Wrap Nemesis Metallic Carbon Fiber 2.0 Vinyl Film

Chrome Wraps

Chrome car wraps are ideal for anyone seeking to create a striking and opulent impression. Due to the reflecting, mirror-like surface that chrome wrapping provides, the car takes on a plush, futuristic vibe. Chrome wraps, available in a rainbow of colors including silver, gold, and vibrant tones, are perfect for show cars and those who want to turn heads wherever they go. The ideal appearance of chrome wraps requires careful maintenance, so keep that in mind.

Hexis Gloss Lime Green Chrome Vinyl Wrap | HX30SCH14B
Hexis Gloss Blue Super Chrome Vinyl Wrap | HX30SCH05B

Custom Graphics

Car wraps with custom graphics provide countless customization options. Custom graphics enable vehicle owners to showcase their uniqueness and ingenuity, from complex logos and artwork to whole vehicle wraps that convey a narrative. Custom graphic wraps are another way businesses brand and advertise, converting their cars into moving billboards. The quality and detail of custom graphics wraps have increased significantly due to developments in printing technology, making them a popular option for personal and business use.

For those seeking the ultimate in customization, Alwan Wraps, our sister company, offers bespoke design services. Whatever your vision—be it wildly imaginative, cool, or uniquely yours—Alwan Wraps brings it to life on your vehicle.

Reflective Wraps

Reflective car wraps are helpful in addition to being fashionable. Because they are made to reflect light, they increase the vehicle's visibility at night and in poor light. Emergency vehicles and commercial fleets frequently utilize reflective wraps for added safety. However, they have also gained popularity among auto enthusiasts who wish to give their cars a distinctive look. Reflective wraps improve the vehicle's safety and appearance. They come in a variety of colors and designs.

Glitter Wraps

Glitter wraps are an excellent option for anyone who likes to give their car more sparkle. Tiny metallic flakes are embedded into these wraps, producing a stunning look when they catch the light. There are many different colors of glitter wraps, ranging from soft tones to vivid tones. Glitter wraps give any car a glitzy and striking touch, whether applied as an accent or over the whole vehicle.


Hexis Gloss Jellybean Pink Glitter Vinyl Wrap | HX20RDRB


Hexis Gloss Catechu Black Glitter Vinyl Wrap | HX20NCAB


Camouflage Wraps

In recent years, camouflage wraps have become popular again, drawing in fans of the rugged outdoor aesthetic. These wraps have several camo patterns, including digital, urban, and conventional military. When applied with camouflage wraps, off-road vehicles, trucks, and SUVs look rugged and prepared for anything. This trend embraces an adventurous and exploratory lifestyle in addition to aesthetics.

Kryptek Infrared Camouflage Vinyl Wrap Film
Metro Wrap Sharp Navy Camouflage Vinyl Film


Galaxy Wraps

A celestial craze that has swept the car wrapping industry is the use of galaxy wraps. These wraps include fantastic space imagery, complete with galaxies, nebulae, and stars, which give them an ethereal and captivating appearance. Galaxy wraps are ideal for individuals who wish to use their car to create a striking and unique statement. Galaxy wraps are an excellent work of art, transforming any vehicle into a moving beauty with exquisite details and brilliant colors.

Metro Wrap Gray Galaxy Vinyl Film
Metro Wrap Fire Galaxy Vinyl Film


Try Our Vinyl Wraps to Hop on The Trend!

New trends in car wraps appear yearly, and the industry is constantly changing. There is a car wrap option for every taste, ranging from the dramatic and futuristic style of holographic and iridescent wraps to the sleek refinement of matte wraps. At Metro Restyling, we're dedicated to giving our clients access to the newest and most fashionable car wrap styles, enabling you to customize your car and show off your individual flair. Our extensive selection of automobile wraps can provide any subtle or drastic modification. Check out our selection and start customizing your car to be a true expression of your individuality and style.

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