6 New Hexis Fall 2021 Colors

Introducing 6 new Hexis colors! These wrap films belong to the HX20000 series. Consisting of a multi-layered cast PVC film and a release liner with Hexis's branded HEX'Press adhesive, these films are specially designed for vehicle wraps. The colors are preserved even under heavy deformation. The 6 new colors include:

1) HX20612B - Gloss Fluorescent Green: Gloss Fluorescent Green features a bright neon green color on a gloss finish.

2) HX20548M - Matte Florida Yellow: Matte Florida Yellow features a candy yellow color on a matte finish with a slight metallic effect.

3) HX20614B - Gloss Fluorescent Orange: Gloss Fluorescent Orange features a bright neon orange color on a gloss finish.

4) HX20585B - Gloss Zenith Orange: Gloss Zenith Orange features a tangerine orange color on a gloss finish with a slight metallic effect.

5) HX20731B - Gloss Havana Brown: Gloss Havana Brown features a root beer brown color on a gloss finish with a slight metallic effect.

6) HX20JJAM - Matte Jaipur Yellow: Matte Jaipur Yellow features a yellow and gold color with a glitter effect on a matte metallic finish.

Purchase your full roll of one of these Hexis colors and get your newest wrap project underway! As always, feel free to send photos to gallery@metrorestyling.com and submit your reviews on the individual product pages. We appreciate your feedback!

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