5 New KPMF Summer 2021 Colors

Introducing 5 new KPMF colors! These wrap films belong to KPMF's 75800 series. Consisting of premium quality double-cast vinyl film, these wraps were specially designed for vehicle wrapping with special effects to achieve an eye-catching finish. Offers exceptional dimensional stability and excellent long-term durability. The 5 new colors include:


1) K75801 - Absolute Matte Mythos Red: KPMF Absolute Matte Mythos Red features a dark maroon/burgundy color on a matte finish with a slight metallic flake that glimmers in the sun.


2) K75802 - Absolute Matte Quantum Blue: KPMF Absolute Matte Quantum Blue features a deep navy blue color on a matte finish that glimmers when reflected by the sun.


3) K75803 - Absolute Matte Royal Amethyst: KPMF Absolute Matte Royal Amethyst features a bright majestic purple color on a matte finish. The beautiful and bright color is sure to stand out.


4) K75804 - Metro Stealth Nero: KPMF Metro Stealth Nero features a dark charcoal gray color on a matte finish. Perfect for full or partial vehicle wraps. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.


5) K75805 - Metro Stealth Dynamic Teal: KPMF Metro Stealth Dynamic Teal features a beautiful blue-teal color on a matte finish. Has a slight metallic shimmer to it. Perfect for full or partial vehicle wraps.


Purchase your full roll of one of these KPMF colors and get your newest wrap project underway! As always, feel free to send photos to gallery@metrorestyling.com and submit your reviews on the individual product pages. We appreciate your feedback!

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