Avery Dennison NT Perlite Ceramic Interior Window Film



Avery Dennison
Ceramic Interior 
Window Film
NT Perlite

Avery Dennison NT Perlite Ceramic Interior Window Tint Film is a highly durable ceramic-based film that combines style with cooling performance. Avery's ceramic tint film is best used in projects for homes and businesses when comfort, energy efficiency, and maintaining privacy from the outside are priorities. Avery Dennison's NT Perlite has the advantages of warm, natural grey tones, low interior reflectivity, and high solar heat rejection. All variations come in various window tint shades. The NT Perlite 20i, our darkest version, is a privacy window film that acts as a one-way mirror that is difficult to see in the daytime.

Avery Dennison utilizes unique technologies, which give their window film superior solar protection and long-lasting color stability.

Key features and Benefits:
  • High heat rejection for better comfort and cheaper cooling
  • Reduces eye strain and enhances screen viewing with high glare reduction
  • Inside and out, neutral colors give off a naturally gray appearance.
  • UV protection of 99%+ prevents fading and sun damage.
  • With Avery Dennison's Neutral interior window films, glazing is given a subdued gray appearance that significantly reduces heat gain and glare while maintaining the glass's natural view.

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