How to Protect and Preserve Your Vinyl Wrap

Posted by Ryan Yankee

Vinyl wraps are temporary and proper maintenance is essential to keep them safe and in good condition. An up-to-date car wrap will last longer and be more cost-effective. Common mistake wrappers make leaving their vinyl wrap out in the sun for too long, and not cleaning them weekly. Continuous sun exposure can cause fading and possible distortion that can affect a car wrap's life span.  Leaving your vehicle in a garage or a shaded area will help you preserve your vinyl wrap; however, there are other solutions. Here are some products to help you protect and preserve your car wraps.


Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings are the best ways to protect your vinyl wraps. Ceramic Coatings are designed to be applied on vinyl wraps or clear bras to add a protective clear coat to the surface. Ceramic coating creates a durable seal on a material's surface that can shield it from internal moisture accumulation. As a result, it contributes to a film's long-term durability.

We recommend Mfinity Coatings to add a protective layer to your vinyl wrap. Mfinity Nano Ceramic Coatings uses nano-ceramic technology to coat surfaces. The nano-ceramic coating on Mfinity shields against ultraviolet rays and dirt. Paint, glass, vinyl wrap, metal, plastic, and textile surfaces can all benefit from nano-ceramic protection. It is simple to use and will reduce the frequency of car washes.


Laminating vinyl can also help with its durability, protecting it from UV rays, scratches, and fading. Adding an over-laminate will make the surface thicker, creating a durable layer of protection. The additional layer makes it possible to apply more heat and usually causes the removal more manageable and leaves less adhesive behind.

We offer a wide variety of overlaminates from brands like 3M, Avery, and KPMF. These films not only protect your vinyl wrap but can give you an additional color effect. Combine over-laminates with colored vinyl wraps to provide you with endless design options.

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is thermoplastic urethane film applied over your car's painted or vinyl-wrapped surface. These self-healing transparent films shield your paint or wrap from minor abrasions like stones and bug bites. They also have protection from oxidation, acid rain, UV rays, and stains. Many users go with Paint Protection Films because it is the best defense against fading, paint deterioration, and exterior scratches.

We provide a wide variety of Paint Protection Films such as Hexis BodyFence PPF, Avery Dennison Supreme Defense Gloss PPF, and FlexiShield. We recommend Hexis BodyFence Matte PPF because of its self-healing, cutting-edge technology that protects your vehicle against scratches, chippings, insects, dirt, and UV rays, keeping the vehicle looking clean forever. This transparent self-adhesive film from Hexis is becoming the go-to for PPF from our customers.


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